Agrotourism in rural Ibiza

Between forests and cliffs, and thanks to the work of many generations, the farm bordered by traditional dry stone walls is an oasis of fields that house all the biodiversity of the Ibizan orchard. The great variety of fruit trees colour the different seasons of the year and provide much of the fruit and vegetables that can be enjoyed in this rural hotel.

The great variety of fruit trees brings colour to the different seasons of the year and provides much of the fruit you will be able to taste in this agritourism.

Around the fertile farming land, with its reddish tones, grow many species typical of the flora from Ibiza such as thyme, rosemary, or broom. Soft greens and silvery greys complement the chromatic range of the landscape and blend into the forest and the wild vegetation.

All of this is thanks to the magnificent well water, one of the most precious assets in Ibiza, which was found by dowsing just a few meters from the house. This is how Can Pujolet began the transformation of the hotel into a sustainable and self-sufficient country hotel, where the conservation of the environment is one of the essential values ​​of our hospitality.